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90-98 Curzon St, North Melbourne, 3051
T : 61 3 9329 5888
F : 61 3 9329 3700
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82 Harris St, Pyrmont, NSW, 2009
T : 61 2 9571 1288
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About Cornerbox


Cornerbox is an independent television production company with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Cornerbox has impressive credentials in most areas of television production having successfully worked in genres including lifestyle, reality, comedy, drama, variety, infotainment, documentary, sport and light entertainment producing both pre-recorded and live-to-air programs.

In little more than five years of operation Cornerbox has completed an impressive slate of productions working within business models ranging from the traditional broadcaster commissioned programs to brand funded programming and the creation of new and innovative format solutions that place the company on the cutting edge of television production in Australia.

Cornerbox has in this time produced programs for all three Australian commercial networks, as well as Australian
PAY-TV and broadcasters in a number of foreign territories.

The company operates in an integrated manner, combining the talents of key permanent staff and freelance industry professionals hand-picked on a project-by-project basis. Cornerbox  benefits from national and international strategic alliances in the advertising, sponsorship and media industries to provide a platform for creatively and financially successful business partnerships.

The strength of Cornerbox lies in its flexibility and diversity. Cornerbox has undertaken long term, high budget, labour intensive television projects with great success, but is just as able to work successfully on specialized projects with small crews and budgets. Each Cornerbox project is carried out with the same attention to detail and passion that is the hallmark of Cornerbox.


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