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Police Under Fire: Man Hunt


Police Under Fire - Man Hunt

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POLICE UNDER FIRE: MAN HUNT investigates the bizarre case of 20-year-old Brendan Berichon, who triggered a bizarre series of events involving kidnap, a prison break, a Thai prostitution ring and a subseqent three-state man hunt when he pulled the trigger on two Melbourne policemen on April 20, 1998.

The protégé of infamous ‘Postcard Bandit’ Brendan Abbott, Berichon orchestrated the November 1997 prison break of mastermind Abbott and his four dangerous from Sir David Longland prison under a hail of gunfire.

Abbott and Berichon went on the run down south, funding their lifestyle through a string of bank holdups before eventually settling in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton. The fugitive pair were almost apprehended when transit police stopped them on a Box Hill street during a routine inspection. When asked for ID, Berichon produced a handgun and fired 15 shots at the officers before escaping with a female hostage.

Police Under Fire: Man Hunt
1x 60 mins

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