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Police Under Fire: The Walsh Street Killings


Police Under Fire - Walsh Street Killings

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In the early morning of October 12, 1988, Victoria ushered in a sobering new era in its crime history as the sound of deadly gunshots echoed in a residential South Yarra street.

The ambush and murder of 22-year-old Constable Steven Tynan and 20-year-old Probationary Constable Damian Eyre as they routinely examined an abandoned vehicle in Walsh Street devastated the police force and shocked the community.

POLICE UNDER FIRE: THE WALSH STREET KILLINGS is a blow-by-blow true account of the case, featuring interviews with the victim’s families, the emergency service workers and witnesses at the scene and the police officers who manned the subsequent investigation.

The one-hour documentary charts the background underworld unrest which precipitated the murders and the confession by alleged participant Jason Ryan, which led to the arrest of members of the Pettingill clan’s notorious ‘Flemington Crew’ - Victor Peirce, Trevor Pettingill, Anthony Leigh Farrell and Peter David McEvoy.

It also covers the twists and turns of the 1991 court case and its aftermath, from the controversial protection of star Crown witness Wendy Peirce, to her sudden withdrawal from the case and the acquittal of the accused.

Executive Producer Steve Dundon said:
“It was very refreshing to make this series and stick to the facts. The events of that terrible morning and the efforts of Victoria police to find the Walsh Street killers are laid out in this true story….it is gripping television.”

Police Under Fire: The Walsh Street Killings
1x 60 mins

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