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Police Under Fire
Mark Loves Sharon
Random Acts of Kindness
10 Years Younger in 10 Days
Dirty Jobs
The Wedge
With Friends Like These
The Lost Tribes
World's Best Putter
Zoo Crew
The Hot House
Surf Patrol
The Cut
That Was Me
Search for a Supermodel
Comic Relief Australia
Celebrity Golf Shootout


The Lost Tribes


The Lost Tribes

In conjuction with Eyeworks Touchdown Cornerbox produced
this 6 x 1 hour series for the Nine Network.

Three Australian families sign on for an overseas adventure – without knowing where they will be going or what they will be doing.

When they arrive at their destinations they are shocked to discover that they will be living among three of the worlds most remote tribes for the next ten days.

Each family must learn the ways of the tribes and live exactly as they do. They will face constant tests and will be judged by the tribe. Succeed and they will become one with the tribe. Fail and they will be punished and banished bringing disgrace on their family and their country.

An Eyeworks format
Series - 6 x 1 hour


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