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With Friends Like These


With Friends Like These is an exciting new format created by Cornerbox, which made its debut on the Nine Network in Australia in 2007.

Thought you knew everything there was to know about your favourite celebrity? Think again.

With Friends Like These finds our host delving back into the past of some big name stars and meeting the people that shaped their lives.

What were they really like as a child? What were their worst habits? What did their school friends think of them? Who was their first true love, and where are they now?

Those are the sort of questions that are answered in With Friends Like These. In the debut program we surprised Australia’s own international actor Anthony La Paglia and his reaction when he walked into a surprise re-union with a host of familiar faces was priceless.

There’ll be tears, laughter, unexpected twists and secrets revealed as your favourite celebrities are
re-united with long lost friends. For the audience it’s a remarkable insight into the evolution of some extraordinary lives and for the celebrities it’s a chance to be re-united with the people that helped make them what they are today.

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